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Default Re: Crashing when SMP enabled

Glad to hear it worked for you!

It increadibly frustrating to have crash after crash and not be able to lock down the cause. It took me over 4 rebuilds to figure it out, by which time I was "almost" ready to go back to windows.

My Ubuntu is now 100% stable and rocks along with Quake4 at a right old lick.

Perhaps they will sort this out soon, so I can turn Irqbalancer on again.

Just for the forum search engine, other side effects of this bug are:

1) Jumpy crazy mouse & keyboard input after periods of low cpu activity, only solved by a reboot. (only USB keyb/mouse are affected)

2) HDD crashed "sense data lost" errors for sata drives, requiring a reboot (as the cpu has lost the irq for the drive).

3) Hardlocks when running intensive 3D programs.

Hope this helps anyone who searches for these things.....

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