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Default Re: RenderAccel, Xorg 7.1, nvidia... soon, I hope?


I want to point out that Xorg 7.1 itself went through an extensive RC process which NVIDIA were obviously involved in. Indeed, Andy Ritger of NVIDIA successfully persuaded the Xorg devs to not cause unnecessary ABI changes. This Xorg "beta" process lasted for many months. The Xorg 7.1 release is _stable_, and starting to be shipped by major distributions. It is not a "beta". It is not unreasonable to have supported this when it was released, either.

As consumers we are surprisingly powerless to do anything to convince NVIDIA to adopt a semi-reasonable release schedule. The open source methodology "release early, release often" is blissfully ignored by NVIDIA.

But do not make the mistake or excuse that it is "reasonable" to not support an Xorg release >1 week after release. If NVIDIA want to show they're serious, they should be able to provide the small number of man-hours required to bring the driver ABI in sync with Xorg 7.1. We're not asking for additional features, just customer support.

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