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Default Re: New Forum Addition?

Originally Posted by shaker718
Hey Mods:
Would it be possible to make a "Hot Deals" subforum attached to the General Hardware Forum, or as a forum of its own for that matter?

I've been intermittently checking out a hot deals forum on another site since I've been thinking of upgrading and its been pretty useful. Its a great idea. I check this site pretty often since the members are knowledgeable, so having a forum like this to help find good prices on top of that would add greatly and be helpful to the members.
That sounds like a good idea. Maybe we could go one step further than that and make a whole Hot Deals section and then have sectiosn for certain ieces of hardware. There would be the 'Hot Deals' section and then mini individual sections for Hardware, CPU's etc, games, etc. What do you guys think?
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