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Default Can't access network... SuSE 10.1, ASUS M2N32-SLI-Deluxe (nVidia MCP55)

Like the title says...

I have a new system:
- ASUS M2N32-SLI-Deluxe motherboard, Athlon-64x2 4800
- SuSE 10.1 -- x86_64

Yast is able to recognize and configure (static address) either/both of the onboard ethernet controllers (the mobo has two MCP55 devices). Afterward, ifconfig reports (properly) that the device is up, has its IP address and netmask, and everything is fine. The route command shows the default gateway properly.

I can ping the loopback interface successfully, and I can ping my own IP address properly. Any attempt beyond that returns a "network unreachable" error.

IP address --, netmask (yes, 25*4*)
default gateway --

I have not loaded any Nvidia drivers. The forcedeth.ko module reports as being installed.

If I boot up in (boo hiss) Windows, the controller configures itself w/ DHCP (as specified) and all the network stuff works. We don't want to boot Linux w/ DHCP, but attempts at that have failed to acquire an address for the ports, in any event.

Any thoughts, hints, or ideas? I'm not sure what other info would be useful, but can gather and post it here if requested.
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