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Default Re: *** Official EverQuest II Screenshot thread ***

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
I'd like to play eq2 again but I just don;t wanna deal with the performance my pc will dish out for it. Unfortunally I can't afford to build a new one so I guess I'm stuck playing wow for a bit more while. It's an alright game but I tend to agree, it's graphically just blah and with the lack of different BG zones and new content it's just putting me to sleep.

I mean really, why can't they develope 15 BG zones. 5 for each of the diffent BG types. Can't tell me the funding isn't there, greedy lazy bitches.
Pray that Warhammer Online ships on time. It is the game you will be drooling over if you are into PvP and want PvP as end game instead of lame arse raids.
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