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Originally posted by Chalnoth
If the 5800 doesn't arrive in any capacity, it seems to me that nVidia is giving up to ATI for this product cycle, in the high-end. I still think the NV31 and NV34, however, are very strong products, and nVidia would do very well to mass produce these (this is, after all, where the real money is).
not sure if you can call them STRONG products there chalnoth...

compared to the current gen of both ati and nvidia products their performance is nothing earth-shattering...

they are on the other hand extremely PRACTICAL solutions... specially for the price range...

I would expect their margins to be decent on these cards.. as you state... but again.. performance is a bit off per the [p]reviews

hopefully when the RETAIL cards hit.. there will be the kind of improvement seen with the 9500pro (BIg improvement with new cat's @ time of release)
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