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Default ok

hey chrisray,
give up on captain beige, he is a lost cause.

let me try:
here's what he's saying, read carefully.

r300 --> least programmable, excellent card (but that doesn't f#cking matter for this argument).

r350, GFFX --> more programmable, (NOTE: it does not f#cking matter which card is the best overall in this argument).

There. Is that CLEAR?

A point from me:
The added programmability leaves a lot of room for new stuff, but at the current stage it doesn't really matter because we don't have any DX9 games yet.

So, in current apps, the 9700 looks just as good as these two cards and performs better than the fx with aa/af. Indisputable, right?

Sorry for the swearing, but I was angry at the ignorance.
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