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Having read the thread in its entirity I have a few things to say myself. First of all its good to see such an open discussion about many of the technilogical features these cards offer. Some of which offer more then others.

Im not able to grasp alot of the technical info but im slowly learning.

My next point is directed at ChrisRay, yo dude you keep harping on about the R300 being the least programable dx9 card available; give it a rest you have made your point. Shouldnt that be expected? Its a 9 month old card, was the first dx9 compatible card AND is available to buy in almost any outlet store right now!

So dude chill, tell us something which hasnt been said before and quit trying to put your point across over and over again to Captain Beige. He has his opinion which he is entitled to.

To those of you talking abt the availabilty of the Geforce fx ultra, please get real, it IS NOT readily available to the masses and their are alot of indications that it may never be available to the masses. From a consumers point of view this is what is important, their is absolutely NO POINT banging on abt a cards superior programabilty if the majority of peeps CANT buy it!!!Geez use some common sense here. As for the comments made being directed at the availability of some of the ATI range and their delay, again this is quite lame IMHO. we are not talking abt a 6 month delay here are we? So why are is this being brought into the conversation?

I believe the thread title was abt something completely differenet to what alot of peeps have turned it into; another battle between ATI and NVIDIA.

Please get back to topic I was enjoying the points Uttar was trying to put across and some of the comments received by peeps here.
I already know what card is deemed the best buy right NOW irrespective of programabilty, I want to listen to Uttar's theory, I hope this thread gets back on track.

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