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Default Re: FreeBSD x GeForce 6600 troubles

Originally Posted by zander
The 1.0-6613 NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics driver release does not support the GeForce 6600 GPU, please use 1.0-8762. Be advised, however, that FreeBSD 5.3 or later are required by current graphics driver releases.
Yes, as I suspected. So, is there any way to solve a problem for my combination of FreeBSD and nvidia GPU? Is it OK to use "vesa" X Window gpaphic driver (found by experiments) for the GeForce 6600? Or it's better to use "nv" or "vga"?

And I have an another question. What can you say about risk level for the such a situation: normal GeForce GPU main/memory clock mode is 300/400 Mhz, but overclocked to 325/500?

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