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Default Re: Winds of freedom for graphic drivers!!!

Originally Posted by ecastro
I've read with pleasure the news about Intel releasing drivers for one of it's graphic cards open source!
These are actualy not "graphic cards", but graphic engines
integrated into their chipsets:

I certainly welcome intel's decision to provide (open) sources
for their chipsets, but although intel has the biggest market
share concerning "graphic chips", i wouldn't say they are the
technology/performance leader in this field. Means: for the
average Linux user, i guess intels on-chip graphics will be
probably good enough for daily use, but for professional 3D
applications or "serious" gaming, i think the competition is still
in a much better shape.

Originally Posted by ecastro
And almost at the same time AMD announced that it is seriously thinking of releasing ATI drivers to the open source community
Could you please provide a link for that announcement?


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