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Default Re: LCD TV, SuSE 10.1 No valid modes for "1366x768";

Originally Posted by rskaret
Is it the TV that reports wrong size? Is it the card (HW) that can't handle
this resolution or is it the Nvidia driver which can't hadle 1366x768?
Nvidia cards cannot handle 1366x768.
You need to use 1360 or 1368 x 768 instead.
Of course this means you need to create a modeline, because the TV does not propose that resolution.
You already found that, but your modelines look a bit funny. Look in the TV specs to find an acceptable H and V frequency.
Can it do 1368x768 at 60 Hz non-interlaced? Then write a modeline for that.
Something like:
Modeline "1368x768" 72.25 1368 1416 1448 1528 768 771 781 790 +HSync -Vsync

For netllama: today, more and more TVs offer a direct VGA/DVI connection so even when it is called a TV it may still show up as VGA or DVI. This is fortunate, because then you won't have to fight with the TV-OUT and all its limitations.
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