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Default Re: X fails after update to CentOS 4.3 on Dell Inspiron 8100 [GeForce2 Go]

Originally Posted by netllama
I have a few questions:
0) Does removing vga=773 from your GRUB configuration (and rebooting) have any impact on this problem?
1) According to the X log, the dirver is detecting an attached CRT & TV encoder. Does this reflect reality?
2) If you use the UseDisplayDevice X option, and set it to DFP-0, does that have any impact?
3) Does updating the BIOS to the latest version have any impact?

0). I had the problem two days ago, before I inserted the "vga=773" line in grub.conf. [I only inserted the vga=773 afterward since I can't use X and was tired of 800x600]. My startx.log files (which I have saved) were absolutely identical with and without the vga=773 grub.conf line.

1). Despite the X log, there are NO attached CRT or TV devices. The only attachments on this laptop are:
std external electric power, PCMCIA Ethernet Card, wireless mouse

2). I inserted UseDisplayDevice "DFP-0" in the "Device" section of my xorg.conf (is this the correct place?) and attempted to restart X. It halted almost immediately. The log had the message "Fatal Server Error, no screens found..

3) I'll update the BIOS and report later if this helps. Note I have updated this linux computer many times since 2001, but only now nVidia fails. Of course still works if I boot MS Windows -- which I never use. And it worked last week with Mandriva 10.2. These lead me to believe the BIOS is not the problem.

I appreciate your guidance, but I certainly am lost, not happy, and now wary of nVidia cards.
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