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Default Which Linux distro is easiest to install for Geforce 2 MX400 twinview?

This is some simple questions for a linux user that has actually successed in installing a duelhead/twinview on there linux box.

All I would like to do is get 1600x1200 on each screen of my Geforce 2 MX400 twinview to work. I have 2 19" displays.

I have tried various distros with the latest being Ubuntu 6.06 (Which is currently installed).

I been going around for hours and hours (in fact months) and am simply frustrated with linux and nvidia. I've tried installing the latest drivers only to be stopped by missing bits and pieces. I tried changing x server configuration file only to crash the server. All with no progress. I end up coming back to the same low 1024 x 768 single screen. Ahhh.

My questions are has anybody actually successed in using twinview with a Geforce 2 mx400 card? and what distro did it work on?

Or alternatively can you describe a nvidia card with duelhead (twinview) that actually works under some linux distro?

I'm sorry, I've become skeptical and I starting to believe that its not possible cos the people who reply never say. "I'm running such and such and it works for me, here's how I got it to work.....etc." All I see are hundreds and hundreds of people with problems.
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