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Default Re: Well I Did It...

WoW is a very exceptional game. It is one of few games that will give you a truly 'massive' feeling about the world. I would highly recommend fully checking out the servers and faction balance before committing to anything. can you show you that basic info, just keep in mind it's not 100% accurate.

I also have found that Horde tends to be the better faction as it has less kiddies just wanting to look at a hot night elf hunter named 'Legolass' or some variation. Horde also tends to be the lesser populated side, which means less immature asshats. I have also found that PvP servers tend to have better skilled players because they have had to 'stay on their toes' during leveling instead of being in easy carebear mode on a PvE server.

Lastly, check out You WILL need mods to be able to properly participate in end game raiding. Only a few would probably be required, and you will definetly see more that you will like to use that are class specific or a UI mod. Ctmod is the must have mod IMO. They are all easy to install and remove if you don't like or need.

Good luck and have fun with that massive time-sink. :P
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