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Question xv video overlay ineffective on secondary (pci) displays

Several multi-user computer users have discovered that the xv video overlay functionality on secondary displays is not working properly. xvinfo shows that xv is enabled, but the Xorg process consumes large amounts of cpu time just as it would without xv enabled. Operation on the primary display (agp or pci-e) operates as expected. Secondary pci-e displays work just fine.

On a test system with 2 pci-e cards and 1 pci card, I have included a bug report and the output from xvinfo on each display. Both pci-e displays are OK, just the pci display which suffers. This has also been demonstrated on agp/pci setups.

We are using Groovix SLIM (simultaneous local independent multi-user) operation, so each user has a discreet screen, mouse, and keyboard. The latest nvidia driver is working brilliantly under these setups except for the xv xorg cpu usage problem.

Any information as to how to debug this or how to workaround it would be appreciated.
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