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Default Re: Winds of freedom for graphic drivers!!!

I saw that infoworld article and was excited. Since then, news blurbs have popped up all over about AMD opening up specs, and I check them to see if they provide more concrete information. But they all link back to that infoworld article, which is nothing but speculation. Disappointing.

Nevertheless, the possibility is enough to keep me from buying nVidia right now. In the meantime I can hold out with intel, whose stuff will be open.

I keep hearing how people just want their cards to work, and all this open sources stuff is overblown; binary is fine. That's a wonderful selfish attitude. It ignores the wishes of the people who built the kernel you are using. It hijacks their efforts. If a user wants to ignore the intent of the kernel's developers, perhaps the user should use a different kernel. There is no place for closed source in the kernel. If closed source is so cool, why don't you marry it?^H^H^H^H use Windows or OSX?

In nVidia's defence, we've heard that intel holds IP rights for stuff relating to PCI express, and would throw the book at nVidia if they released anything to do with that (and that intel already did such a thing in the past). All I can say to that is that nVidia should be hard at work coming up with a hypertransport solution with AMD instead of being complacent and letting intel control them.

Hypertransport is possibly what will allow AMD/ATI to finally open up, and I'll be happy to wait and see if it happens before buying my next GPU. In the meantime I can stick with intel graphics, even if they are the villains in the story. This is out of the pragmatism so often touted here: I just want my stuff to work. I don't want to wait months for my card to work with xorg 7.1, with xgl, with a new kernel, whatever. Give me a driver that can be modified as needed by people who seem to actually care.

So, Intel may control the method by which the GPU is connected to everything else, allowing them to be open while preventing others from doing the same, but nothing stops others from developing their own way to connect (see hypertransport). Because they choose not to do so I'm supposed to feel sorry for them and accept the suboptimal solution of binary blobs? Thanks, no. Intel for now, and AMD/ATI if they can ever come up with the gumption to go their own way and open stuff as well. nVidia, who seems to have no intention of doing so, can count on my 5500 being my last purchase from them until they get off their butts and do the same.

Can't tell me AMD wouldn't have been happy to work with nVidia on HT, and that nVidia couldn't have done it, what with nVidia producing everyone's favourite chipset for AMD. Oh well, opportunity lost.
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