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Default Re: Winds of freedom for graphic drivers!!!

Originally Posted by MamiyaOtaru
If closed source is so cool, why don't you marry it?^H^H^H^H use Windows or OSX?
Please choose:
[ ] binary only 3D drivers
[ ] no 3D drivers at all.

Originally Posted by MamiyaOtaru
In nVidia's defence, we've heard that intel holds IP rights for stuff relating to PCI express
Can you please provide a URL? I'm not sure where PCIe might be
an issue in this case: from what i know, you can get the whole spec
from the PCI SIG for a nominal fee. There might be patented
HW implementation details, but then this information is public
by definition :-)

Originally Posted by MamiyaOtaru
So, Intel may control the method by which the GPU is connected to everything else
I'm pretty sure that PCIe is - if at all - a very minor issue: if this
would be the only obstacle, then nvidia could easily open source
some drivers for AGP :-)

I think nvidia truely fears patent infrigements: in the USA patent system,
you can basically get anything granted, even if it's prior art - you just
need some good (bad?) patent lawyers obfuscating the patent so that
almost anything in the universe my apply to the claims :-) A good
(actually bad) example is RIM (Blackberry) who payed ~ $500 million
to NTP for something that has later been deleted by the USPTO.
Funny thing is that the seattlement occured outside the court room,
so there is no way for a refund :-)


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