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Default SUSE 10.1 driver problems :(

OK first of all, hello all.
im new to these forums and linux so sorry if i seem a little behind on whats going on.

ive had a crack at linux b4 on a dual boot Mandrake/XP a few years ago but for what i was doing then i dindt need linux and the diskspace was needed more.

i resently saw XGL on a video and decided to have another go. but i wanted to run it on a second system and as i havent got my hands on one yet i decided to use VMware to set up a virtual inux install. and learn my way round linux B4 even atempting to install XGL

ok so heres the problem, i downloaded the latest drivers and GPU support
7182 & 8762
when i went to "run level three" using init 3 and went to run the drivers i got an error about a precompiled kernel

after a few hours looking about on google i found an old driver on the nvidia site saying it had resolved problems with precompiled drivers so i decided to give that a go

i have installed gcc, make, kernel-source and so on but am having no luck.

im not one that normaly gives up and decided to look like a newbie on a forum but ive spent hours over the past few days playing about and its getting to the point where the computers going to end up going through a window.

SYSTEM SPEC - incase it helps

Athlon 2600+ (Barton)
Asrock MB (i know its a piece of crap, i used 2 have a nice Gigabyte MB but it died and i had no cash space at the time)
120GB & 40GB Seagate Barra 4 HDDs
512MB PC3200 mem

if anyone has any ideas about how i can resolve this problem please spare me some time n give me a post.

i have used the search function but with no luck

Thanx in advance

EDIT: - if anyone else is having this problem and would like a go with the old drive let me knwo and ill send it over, i think it was designed for SUSE 10.0 but im not sure

EDIT 2 (lol god its now 4am) - ok so ive been lookong on the help files on the Nvidia site and found this
i tryed to install the default kernal as after i checked its the right version, but i was given the error in YAST "Cannot install do to missing depndancies"
so i downloaded the RPM file from the FTP server manualy and tryed to install it with the same error message.

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