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Default Re: bad general performance with 8x.xx driver series

Originally Posted by DrLabel
If you use Ubuntu 6.06 is easy ....
You can use the scripts in this page
They do all the work for you
Yeah, this really helped a newbie.
It's a bash-script with no readme or howto.

Of what I've seen that script only downloads the latest driver. And that I can do with Synaptic.

If you didn't read my post I can tell you that the performance in last graphic driver has dropped with 80% for me. I had steady 90fps in WaržoW before updating. Now it isn't even playable.

About World of Warcraft I have 0-10fps at 1280x1024 (all graphics on low, no AF). Before I had 45-80fps depending on where in the world I where and how many players/npcs there was around me.
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