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Default Strange problems with FX5700.

I've had my FX 5700 for quite a while now, but it's still all that I require in the way of a graphics card. My usage of the computer is far from graphically intensive, and so I am quite reluctant to replace the current card.

However, I've been having problems with it for a while now. The problems used to manifest themselves with frequent lockups. I posted on this forum, and was advised to fall back to a previous driver version, which I did. That didn't seem to solve any of my problems, but when I reduced the level of hardware accelleration, in Display Properties, I was able to gain a measure of stability.

Since then, I get much less frequent lockups, but I do get occasional errors in the display, which manifest themselves as a checkered pattern of green and pink squares overlayed on my display. It still locks up about once every couple of days, though, and I'm wondering if there could be any other reason for this than a faulty card.

I'm sure the best thing to do would be just to bite the bullet and replace it, but nVidia seem to have moved on beyond the AGP slot. Could anyone tell me what card would be a good match for what I currently have? I don't need anything a great deal better. I'm not sure if it's OK to say this, but ATI seem to have the more suitable cards for me in my preferred price range. I'm not looking to pay any more than a hundred.
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