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Default Re: Winds of freedom for graphic drivers!!!

Originally Posted by JaXXoN
Please choose:
[ ] binary only 3D drivers
[ ] no 3D drivers at all.
In light of recent announcements from Intel and potential developments at AMD, this is a false dichotomy. I no longer have to choose either (which unfortunately means not choosing nVidia).

Can you please provide a URL? I'm not sure where PCIe might be an issue in this case
and more detail in a followup:

I think nvidia truely fears patent infrigements
Of course. So out of the oft championed pragmatism and a desire to run 3d apps with Linux, I'd have to go with a vendor that doesn't have those crippling fears (ie Intel, maybe AMD later). Part of that fear seems to have to do with PCIe (which is why I brought it up), at least according to the links provided, which is why I lament the current lack of action with hypertransport GPUs and look forward to possible future such action from AMD. I am of course not an industry insider, so I cannot vouch for the correctness of the information provided, but it certainly would explain a lot.

I'd love to spend hundreds of dollars to get faster 3d performance, but I'm no longer willing to do so if it comes with a binary blob, and flies in the face of the spirit of the OS I choose to use. If someone else is willing to do so, I postulate that Linux is the wrong choice for that person. Linux can hardly be said to be easier than Windows (though it is for me, even if closed drivers make it worse), and a carefully tended Windows box would be far better for gaming anyway. I just don't get why some feel pragmatism should trump idealism in these debates. If one pragmatically wants his games to just work, openness be damned, one simply has to use Windows. Anyone who can understand Linux can figure out how to keep Windows clean. Idealism is all Linux has going for it in this case, and shouldn't be dismissed and mocked so quickly.

In short: if one must have 3d drivers, and binary drivers were the only option, Linux would have no point, so I'm very glad we have more options than were given in your artificially binary choice. I just wish one of those options was nVidia.
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