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Default Re: Winds of freedom for graphic drivers!!!

Originally Posted by MamiyaOtaru
Idealism is all Linux has going for it in this case, and shouldn't be dismissed and mocked so quickly.
Wrong - it's the price. Linux is free, Windows costs big bucks (at least for me). Imagine the choice of buying Geforce 4 MX + Windows or a 7800 + free OS for the same price.

Speaking about "spirit" of Linux being against "binary blobs" is wrong. Linux is meant to be the platform to do whatever you want (it's called freedom), even if you want to run binary blobs on it. The problem with NVIDIA is that they take the freedom away from us - forcing us to make choices (upgrade the kernel and Xorg OR use our driver). That's arrogant and Intel got it some time ago already (the news about Intel are really nothing new for anyone interested in Xorg development).

There are also the terms of redistribution that make the binary driver inexistant in Fedora and SUSE (and more).

So it's not the source we want to have (to masturbate looking at it or what?). It's the freedom that the source gives us. Having the source isn't really necessary, but does the task in the best way (relieving NVIDIA of most of the pain of testing it with many versions of software the driver interoperates with).

AFAIK, NVIDIA drivers are build from the same source for Widows and Linux. There is just an additional abstraction layer to translate the API-s (that's the monster few-megabyte kernel module we're all scared of). Even if they get rid of any licensed parts of the driver, opensourcing it and allowing people modify some parts of it would make it much harder for NVIDIA to add support for new cards and features to the driver. They'd have to hire additional teams of people just to keep track of changes made by outside developers and try to keep them in sync. So they'd have to spend more money just to please our needs. Until competition forces them to do it, they simply don't give a...
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