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Well I think this poll is plain stupid - why should anyone vote for "no"?
I voted no. I've had nvidia cards in my machines for years. I know their quality and the quality of nvidia drivers. ATI, on the other hand, has a very bad reputation regarding linux and there are people that say that even ATI's windows drivers are crap. It would take a lot to make me switch.


The last paragraph is the most interesting.
The last paragraph says "open-sourcing at least a functional subset of ATIís graphics drivers".

What does that mean exactly, "functional subset"? I'll tell you what: enough to show a picture.
The lastest radeon cards don't work at all with opensource drivers (vesa doesn't count). My guess is that what AMD will release is a driver that does 2d only, just like the 'nv' driver does for nvidia. This is nothing more that clever marketing speak to create hype.
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