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Default 8762 ddc does not work

MDV 2006, kernel 2.6.12
Xorg 6.9
driver nvidia 8178 installed with
- nvidia-installer : no success
- dkms with MDV 2006 rpm from PLF depository : no success

driver nv(xorg driver) : ddc works well
driver 8178 : ddc works well
driver 8762 :
- ddc does not work (nvidia does not get any data from the monitor)
- does not aware of my modeline in "Section Monitor"

i tried to use the option [Option "UseEDID" "yes"] but no success

i had to replace [Virtual 800 600] by [Modes "800x600nvi"] to use my modeline according to start X and kdm with success

when you see the Xorg log there is nothing about any i2c module or ddc module
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