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The average joe bloggs is going to walk in and look for the latest Nvidia card not ATI and he will find the 5600 Ultra. Performance means nothing at all - its the name.
While that may have been true a few months ago its slowly starting to change. Little by little people are learning that nVidia is no longer the fastest card. Also as ATI keeps racking up OEM wins only helps to sell their name.

Apart from that the 9500 looks good against the 5600 right now but the 9500 is being phased out and ATI are being rather quiet about its replacements bechmarks... funny that (or have they actually released any yet?).
From news we learned at B3D ATI waited until they saw the first reviews of the 56/52 serries so then can finalize their clock speed. They wanted to try to place it so they not only get good yeilds but stay on top perfromance wise. You should know from playing cards sometimes it wise not to show all of your cards first. BTW B3D does have (or had) a review sample of the RV 350

yeah, ATI is doing gamers a service by paper launching products. where the hell are the r9200 and r9600 benchmarks? the cards were launched ~4 weeks ago now along with the r9800!
Huh? You already can buy Dx9 cards at a varity of price points with the R9500 non pro going for $132 ATM The 9800 is not availble yet so I understand your point for the high end (eventough the MSRP for the R9700pro is now $300 which can be found for less on-line which can supply the high end needs for now). But on the mid-stream the RV-350 is just for ATI so they can increase their profit margins on a part with higher through put. If a gamer wants he can go out and by a DX9 video card today from ATI where as he may not be able to if he wanted to by an NV DX9 card. How is that a service?

You obviously have limited understanding of programming. I actually doubt you have any, There are several reasons why the r300 is limited programmability wise and the Nv30/r350 line are less limited
You should think a bit before you leap. The R300 can loop back to run almost any effect that the nV30 can do. Is more work and requires a bit more code. Yes. But the point is it can if it has too.
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