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Default Re: SUSE 10.1 driver problems :(

WARNING: You do not appear to have an NVIDIA GPU supported by the 1.0-8762 NVIDIA Linux graphics driver installed in this system. For further details, please see the appendix SUPPORTED NVIDIA GRAPHICS CHIPS in the README available on the Linux driver download page at
NVRM: No NVIDIA graphics adapter found!
Now why would that be?

as i havent got my hands on one yet i decided to use VMware to set up a virtual inux install. and learn my way round linux B4 even atempting to install XGL
The problem isn't nVidia or Linux, it's VMWare. The nVidia drivers are trying to access the hardware directly, which VMware isn't allowing. Moreover, XGL is not only very very beta, it is very very hardware intensive. You might eventually be able to get it to run under VMware, but the results would be exceedingly slow.
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