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Nouveau is going nowhere because:
1. NVIDIA won't release even the register names to the developers,
2. the closed NVIDIA driver is really good (unlike ATI's past drivers, which is why we already have working r300 driver),
3. there are more open alternatives from Intel and we're waiting for AMD to tell us, what exactly will they be opening.

So, in short, anyone stuck with NVIDIA hardware can use nv or proprietary nvidia driver (because it does work most of the time and it works very good, I admit) and not help nouveau with the non-working skeleton of a driver, and simply buy competing hardware next time (instead of developing drivers for the hardware which vendor doesn't support Linux - I know there are some binary drivers, but when I asked for Xorg 7.1 support, on this very forum they told me I bought a Windows card and Linux is not officialy supported).

One more thing - before you say that Intel doesn't make good GPU-s, check again their latest offerings. The only thing with them is that it's impossible to buy external cards, so MB upgrade required, not to mention Athlon users' situation.
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