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Default Re: SUSE 10.1 driver problems :(

Originally Posted by JackNco
oh ok, i though 7182 was the GPU support and the other file was the softwre driver. my bad, if u read my post though it says i dindt want 2 use XGL in VMware i just wanted 2 find my way round linux with it until i got my hands on a system i coudl use. does that mean your saying i cant install an nvidia driver on VMware?
Your post was very painful to read, as you don't seem to use of the shift key, have incredibly poor spelling, and randomly replace words with numbers, such as "2" instead of "to".

You'd have to check with VMware about installing the nVidia driver, I don't use VMware. You can always use the "nv" driver that comes with X. It doesn't have 3d acceleration or some of the nVidia specific stuff like TwinView, but otherwise works fine.
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