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Default Re: Winds of freedom for graphic drivers!!!

People seem to be forgetting that open source drivers don't just benefit Linux. They benefit Windows and MacOS users as well.

Open source provides protection from when a vendor decides to no longer support your hardware, but you still find that hardware useful. It allows you (or someone you hire) to fix problems or add features the vendor does not consider important. Open source allows you to use platforms the vendor does not consider a significant portion of their user base. Open source allows people to share these changes with each other, improving the experience of using that hardware for the entire community.

None of those benefits is restricted to Linux. They apply equally to Windows, MacOS, BeOS, *BSD, and many more operating systems as well.

Windows and MacOS users are used to the limited value proposition presented by proprietary binary drivers. But they are also getting used to the added value that open source brings, thanks to software like Firefox. Once they realize the benefits of open source, those non-Linux users may start rethinking their position on binary drivers as well - especially if we keep reminding them.
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