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Default Re: dual-head setup problems

Originally Posted by toshiro
Hi! I'm using Debian sid with the latest debian xorg and nvidia propietary drivers.

I have 2 monitors: one CRT and one DFP; I'm using a dual-head configuration (no Xinerama, the monitors are too different to share a common dpi resolution).

By default, the primary display is associated to the CRT monitor; I want to use the Flat Panel Display to behave as the Primary Screen; I've been trying several configurations but I haven't succeed; anyone knows how to do it? (I may post my xorg.conf file if that may help.)

Thanks in advance,


Try in the device section for the primary display Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP" and for the secondary section Option "UseDisplayDevice" "CRT" and if you wanted to try the Xinerama use Option "DPI" "100x100" in the same sections for each device changing to the dpi you want set for each monitor.
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