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Default Still no good


Although I was a bit excited about the new driver for linux, I am not anymore. There still no support for 2.5 series kernels. Why is that so?

The other point I wan't to settle, is that NVidia DOES NOT provide SOURCES for their drivers. It may look so, but it ain't so. The so called "source" for the driver is just a wrapper for the already compiled driver (that big .o file in the so called source directory) so that kernel could use it. I hope that NVidia will release specs for their hardware so, that proper drivers by OSS community could be written, but I think that it will never happen. As from this moment on, I personally will never buy another NVidia product again, because their support for their hardware is not good at all. Hint: I won't buy ATI either. I'll go for my old love Matrox instead. Atleast those guys don't lie do you to make them look better.

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