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Originally posted by Suff

Although I was a bit excited about the new driver for linux, I am not anymore. There still no support for 2.5 series kernels. Why is that so?

The 2.5 kernels are development, and unstable. I have no problems with nVidia not supporting an unstable, changing every day, development kernel. When 2.6 is out, we can expect support from nVidia.

Originally posted by Suff
The other point I wan't to settle, is that NVidia DOES NOT provide SOURCES for their drivers. It may look so, but it ain't so. The so called "source" for the driver is just a wrapper for the already compiled driver (that big .o file in the so called source directory) so that kernel could use it.
This is old news. The reason they don't release a source is because their hardware uses technologies leased from other companies. They can't release sources without breaking a handful of NDA's.

I don't mind that the drivers are not open source. What I like is having pretty much complete working drivers for my hardware. This type of mentality causes many manufacturer's to simply skip linux support alltogether.

The important part is that the OS itself is free, open, and not run by any one company. I have no problem with companies selling closed-source software, closed source drivers, etc. As long as the OS component is free, we're in good shape.

Originally posted by Suff
I hope that NVidia will release specs for their hardware so, that proper drivers by OSS community could be written, but I think that it will never happen. As from this moment on, I personally will never buy another NVidia product again, because their support for their hardware is not good at all. Hint: I won't buy ATI either. I'll go for my old love Matrox instead. Atleast those guys don't lie do you to make them look better.
This is unlikely. nVidia is in the business of competing in a very tight market, and I'm sure the company brass wouldn't want others to clone their work. Although this would be highly unlikely, you can't do much to convince management.

Matrox boards are great, but they won't do 3D good enough to do the hard work.

As far as nVidia "lying" to us; you don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you believe what you want to believe, I don't know. nVidia has never hiddin the fact that the kernel module is not open source, and it's been stated several times by nVidia itself that the kernel module is a wrapper.

So go play with your Matrox boards. Do some word processing or something. Myself, I'm going to go play UT2003 now. See ya.
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