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Default Re: Crashing when SMP enabled

I've got a kernel to 'work' at the moment. It sometimes takes several hours before a crash happens though. And I also need a realtime-preemption patch, but they are available for 2.6.17 but not 2.6.17.x. Using realtime-preempt with 2.6.17 is what I had originally, where the 'nvidia' driver worked but the rest of the system was not stable.

Originally Posted by JaXXoN
Concerning realtime preemption, have checked the following thread
and applied the appropriate patch to the nvidia driver?
Thanks for showing me this, I didn't think to check for a realtime patch to the nvidia driver itself. I'm now using this patch; this might stop the infrequent xruns in jackd that I used to suffer from, but until I get a realtime kernel working I won't know.
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