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Default Re: Why do so many threads get locked around here?

Originally Posted by crainger

I had a friend who had his own forum and he didn't just lock or move threads. He deleted the whole thing if it upset him. Of course it didn't take long before everyone left, including me. I even copped a ban once. For teasing him because he couldn't tell the difference between Kiss and Van Halen

Anyway nVNews is the only forum for me now... Well except for SilentPCReview and maybe 3DGameMan. He makes me LOL
Ya, I must say, this forum is awesome. There is always something new to comment on or something new like that. I personally think the spam isn't bad at all in the serious threads. The only place it is bad is that one forum "The last one to post in this..." where no one expects it to be serious anyway. Other than that one thread, this forum is awesome and everyone is always willing to help the other guy out with problems.
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