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Originally posted by jbirney
Huh? You already can buy Dx9 cards at a varity of price points with the R9500 non pro going for $132 ATM The 9800 is not availble yet so I understand your point for the high end (eventough the MSRP for the R9700pro is now $300 which can be found for less on-line which can supply the high end needs for now). But on the mid-stream the RV-350 is just for ATI so they can increase their profit margins on a part with higher through put. If a gamer wants he can go out and by a DX9 video card today from ATI where as he may not be able to if he wanted to by an NV DX9 card. How is that a service?
I was only being semi-serious with my statement. I defintely don't believe ATI paper launching the r9600 and r9200 is doing anyone a service. if you can even call it a paper launch, since there have been no benchmarks. I heard there were going to be benchmarks far there is nothing.

but the point of my post was more to poke fun at CaptainBeige. he said ATI wasn't "standing still" while nvidia pushed DX9 to the mainstream. and yet I don't think that paper launching said cards by a month is anything but standing still. with no benchmarks, that probably means cards won't ship for a few weeks after benchmarks appear, get my drift? in other words, even if benchmarks are released today, we still have a wait ahead of us.
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