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Default Re: Crashing when SMP enabled

Originally Posted by StevenChamberla
I only have one RJ-45 port on the back of this motherboard (it's not the 'premium' model or anything).
The "plain" A8N-SLI (no "deluxe" or "premium") has only the
nvidia on-chip ethernet device (plus an off-chip/on-board
"external" Marevell PHY). The deluxe and premium models have
an additional on-board Marvell ethernet chip (88E8001).
So you don't need to be worried using the forcedeth driver.

Originally Posted by StevenChamberla
I've heard a lot about Athlon 64 X2 suffering from timer issues with SMP enabled
AFAIK, the boot option "idle=poll" should fix that, i.e. without this
option, i somtimes had strange "time warp" effects while playing

BTW.: if 2.6.13 and earlier kernels worked ok for you, then you should
definitly try "pci=conf1": 2.6.14 and later changed the default pci
configuration method to "mmconfig", which doesn't seem to work
very well for some mainboards.


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