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Default Re: Well I Did It...

My general take on WoW is this: The game is an absolute blast 1-59. Constantly finding new lands to explore, cool quests to go on, and new instances to explore and conquer. It's twice as good if you do it with friends. Once you hit 60 it goes on a steady downhill fall. ZG, MC, BWL and the AQ's are fun the first few times, but once you learn the encounters and strats they are mind-numbingly boring. Thus begins the gear grindfest so you can get gear to do the next gear grindfest dungeon so you can do the next gear grindfest dungeon so you can do the next gear grindfest dungeon so you can do the next gear grindfest dungeon, et cetra et cetra.

The only real reward out of it all is being able to zerg level 56 warriors wearing blues in AV. But even that get's boring after a while, and all real PvP competition is lost to huge class and itemization imbalances. Whoever's guild has progessed the furthest endgame wins PvP. Sure skill plays a role, but gear is so ridiculously powerful/is exponentially better with each dungeon at high levels that the importance of gear drastically outweighs the importance of skill. A retard playing with a 60 warlock in good gear could own anyone. SKILLCOIL AMIRITE? Those that choose to PvP and don't want to raid really have no options gear-wise to compete. Rank 14 you say? Sure! If you want to grind CP for 16 hours a day for 3 months straight...

So, I did like a lot of people end up doing. Twinking. Generally only 19 and 29 are fully twinked BG's. Gear is limited and (for the most part) easily acquirable with a level 60 to run you through low-level instances. Yes, some gear is better/harder to get than other gear, but it isn't entirely game-breaking or making. Enchants do play a slight roll (my 19 twink warrior has 1500 HP, WTF AMIRITE?), but most everyone that is twinking a character has those enchants available to him/her. The competition is insane (twink guilds vs twink guilds) and it's fairly enjoyable.

But hey, whatever you like goes, enjoy the game however you can.
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