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Default Re: Winds of freedom for graphic drivers!!!

Originally Posted by Henning Rogge
Does someone know why this thing is THAT expensive?
Low quantity production. BTW.: the card will be available beginning
of 2007.

November, the PS3 should be available and additionally comes
with a harddisk (linux pre-installed) and an nvidia GPU. I guess it
should be possible to use DMX along with three PS3 in order to
drive three LCDs (somewhat similar to the nvidia Quadro Plex solution).

This "architecture" would use a fully open protocol (glx) and any
problems could be considered "hardware bugs" (the display driver
is just a "true" firmware in a piece of hardware). However, my
experience with glx is that it's recognizably less performant (only
tested with 100Mbit ethernet - 1Gbit ethernet might be better) and
some application may not work (i.e. UT2004). Also, i'm not sure
up to which resolution the PS3 could be programmed to (1080i
should work, but i'd prefer 1600x1200). It would be nice if the PS3
would had a high bandwidth expansion slot (like the PS2) that would
allow to add an infiniband HBA - however, i guess such a PS3 IB
HBA would be at least $800, more than the PS3 itself :-)


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