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Default Re: Crashing when SMP enabled

Originally Posted by StevenChamberla
I'm trying to use this tool now but the value for 'Max' just rapidly increases, into 6 figures and beyond.
This typically means that the High Resolution Timer support (HRT)
is not enabled (kernel configuration option).

BTW.: can you please check if jackd is actually working at real
time priority? Download
and compile it with "rm rtnice ; gcc -W -Wall -O2 -o rtnice rtnice.c".
Then do something like "rtnice -p `pidof jackd`". If it says
"scheduler is TS", then jackd doesn't run at realtime priority.

I'm not familiar with jackd, but i guess that any processes supplying
jackd with audio data also need to run at real time priority?
Measn: even if jackd runs a high priority, but the processes
supplying jackd do not, then it's quite clear that there might
be underuns under heavy disk load.

You may use "rtnice" to give all sound related applications a
realtime priority, then check if there are still high latencies.

Attention: make sure not give a process that sucks up 100%
CPU time a real time priority: your machine will lock up because
the X-Server, bash or whatever won't get any processing time
any more.


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