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Default Re: Nvidia go7600 on Asus laptop

I've the same problem on a Asus A6T Laptop (Go7600), on Kubuntu 6.06 (all updated, also driver (patched) and bios).
The same problem on the same laptop with OpenSuse 10.1 and Mandriva 2006.
When I use 3d application (blender, bzflag, penguin recer ...) the laptop crash (video corrupted or black) and i need to turn off and restart.
Please note that sometimes, when start, the external USB mouse is not detected.
When the mouse is not detected (Usb Benq M106-C5D), but plugged the system appear to work (at this moment).
But if I start the laptot without the mouse, the problem still remain.
When the laptop crash, it's also impossible to connet with ssh (for nvidia bug log).
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