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Default 3D stutter

I reinstalled Ubuntu 6.06 last night after having a lot of problems on the previous install with xorg.conf and my nvidia drivers. On this 2nd install the nvidia drivers through automatix went through fine, the nvidia splash screen popped up and everything's running fine, except in 3d applications (Except for penguin racer, oddly) things seem to stutter every 2 seconds, on the dot. It does this both in screensavers and in Counter-Strike Source with DX9 in Wine. I've done a search and saw that a couple other people had the same problems, but short of reinstalling the drivers (kind of weary about that after my issues last install) I've tried installing the nForce4 mobo drivers, disabling unncessary services, and checking top to see if any weird applications come up (the only one I saw was sh, but I figure that's not related)

Any ideas? I will try to reinstall the drivers, but I'd rather not. If I do have to, you'll have to tell me how to do it so I can reinstall the drivers through automaix.

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