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Default Re: Winds of freedom for graphic drivers!!!

Originally Posted by Dragoran
It sounded like you want to run ut2004 (or any game) on the ps3 and redirect the output to a PC
It's the other way round :-)

The (3D) application runs on an x86 system where the DISPLAY variable
is set to a DMX proxy. The DMX proxy takes the X and GLX command
stream and splits it up into i.e. three seperate streams to feed three
remote X Servers running on the three PS3s in order to driver three
LCDs (triple head setup).

A more advanced technique would be to multiplex the display to an
arbitrary number of PS3s (again using DMX) where a single PS3 only
renders a part of whole screen and then you collect ("demultiplex")
all fragments with i.e. something like VirtualGL
( and
then display the whole frame on the PC (using an OSS 2D driver).
Means: the 3D application sends it's data to the DMX proxy. The
DMX proxy splits the data to i.e. 16 PS3s. Each PS3 renders a 1/16th
of the whole frame. On each PS3, a virtualGL server sends the
rendered fragement back to the PC. On the PC, the fragements
are collected by a single virtualGL client and displayed on one or
more LCDs. Unfortnualty, at the moment, a VGL client can only
display frames from one VGL server, but it should be fairly simple
to overcome this limitation. Also, a "standard" PS3 will probably not
be up to the job concerning network bandwith and implementing
a high performance network would probably be way too expensive.
But i like the basic idea a lot :-)


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