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Originally posted by Steppy
Ok, so other than a screensaver, or an emulator of a 7 year old console what uses have you got? And you certainly DID allude to carmack saying he ran into limitations using the 24-bit floating point of the R300. Do you even read what you type? You go on with a paragraph about the fp capabilities of the cards, and then say you can see where carmack ran into limitations. Without making mention of Carmack specifically saying he ran into limitations of the NUMBER OF INSTRUCTIONS. I'm also pretty sure R200 supported 8-bit integer max. I also beg to differ that most non enthusiests buy computers because they think they're futureproof...they buy them because they're cheap usually regardless of what's inside. I can tell you've gotta be an 18 year old kid or younger, because you don't know much about the real world, and your ideas go against what has been shown generation after generation for YEARS in the computer world.
*sigh* Pixel Shader embossing for textures is relevent in many cases, Its just amazing that you don't see that,

And other features do indeed make it relevent, I was simply giving you a scenerio where the Pixel Shader limitations are relevent for anyone who is doing programming for fun.

But you just wanna come off insulting rather than provide real arguments.

And yes, A Computer Novice who goes to a store, Buys a Pentium 3 Ghz, And whatever, Buys their computer in the hopes that they won't have to buy another one for another 4 years, But I imagine someone with limitless money wouldn't understand that.

And no, I stated that I can understand why Carmack chose to use the Nv30 series over the r300 series for his basis for future platforms, Offering more instructions, More programmable precision levels, Makes it a better basis for future engines.

You simply don't see that, And you'd rather come off insulting because I think the r300 has a limited Pixel Shader array featuring a fixed floating point shader,

sorry you disagree, Frankly I don't care, Because something tells me. You aren't doing much OpenGL/direct3d programming for it to matter to you.
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