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Default Problems with Fedora Core 3 and network control device

A couple days ago I created a duel computer. I used two different hard drives, one, the master, runs Windows XP and the other, slave, runs Linux. I installed Fedora Core 3 as the linux distribution I selected. The installation went well until I tried to connect to the internet.

At the time of installation I did not have my computer hooked up to the net and so I bypassed that section. Now that I do have my internet hooked up through a D-Link DI-624 router (hard-wired) I decided I would configure linux to run online. I opened the network manager through applications in the GUI. Linux didn't detect that I had an ethernet card and wanted me to select which one I had through a list it provided. I was not sure which one I had so I rebooted into Windows and in the Device Manager it says that I have an NVIDIA nForcer Network Controller under network Adapters and that I have an Agere Systems PCI-SV92PP Soft Modem. Neither of these were in the this that linux provided.

I have two questions. One how do I know for sure what my ethernet card (the one it gave under network adapters seemed vague) is? Secondly how do i update the drivers in linux (if that's the problem) and configure it for online use?

Thank you.
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