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Exclamation Hardware 3D only on 1 of 2 Screens (Linux)

Hello gyus,

I have a linux workstation and would like to use hardware 3D (quad_buffered) stereo.

(SUSE Enterprise Linux 9, NVidia Quadro4 750GL DH, shutter glasses attached).

This works fine with only _one_ screen (CRT Monitor).

However, now I want to use 2 screens.
- 1 TFT (not able to do 3D)
- 1 CRT for hardware 3D

I was able to work out 3 configurations, all work but none does what I need:

1) TwinView
Enables me to use ONE Desktop which is 1280+1280 pixels (both monitors width). I can drag windows from one to the other.
However, quad_buffered hardware 3D doesn't work.

2) Dualscreen (I think that's what it's called)
quad_buffered hardware 3D works (on the CRT of course). Desktop is also 1280+1280 width, but windows cannot be dragged from one to the other. Therefore useless to me (for other reasons).

3) Clonescreen (again, I think that's what they call it)
quad_buffered hardware 3D works also, but Desktop is only 1280 width. The same output on two screens doesn't make any sense to me.

My Questions are:
- Is it at all possible to get quad_buffered hardware 3D working with this config? I.e.: with windows movable from one screen to the other?
- would a second (then PCI) graphics card help?
- Can anybody point me to a place where this is explained (XF86Config)?

Thanks a million for any hints!

I can send my configs, but this would totally clutter this mesg.
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