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Ok, first the good. The x startup delay has gone from ~20 sec in 3123 to about 0 sec. The 2d speed is better than 4191, but thats not saying much. However the 3d speed is worse than 3123, a small matter of a few fps in gears and reflect, nothing major. 2d speed is still much worse than 3123, minor tasks like scrolling a non antialiased mozilla window now take 30-100 % cpu. I am getting regular spikes up to 100% form the flash ad on this page. This is not normal. I run mandrake 9.0, kernel 2.4.20 custom compiled, p3 500, 384 mb ram, intel bx2 chipset, nvidia agp driver, geforce 4mx 440, agp 2x, gcc3.2 and gnome 2, with render accell enabled. Back to 3123 I guess.
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