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Default Re: 8762 driver on SuSE10.1 and mplay utility from Sidefx Houdini

Originally Posted by netllama
winterlove, I'm not convinced that the instability you are reporting is related to the rest of this thread. I'd suggest starting a new thread with a bug report. Also, I'm not sure what a dosbox is in Linux.

I never had any problems with other applications, even games that extensively use openGL. Other than that my system seems stable.
Dosbox is a IBM-PC Emulator designed to play old dos games (
It uses openGL (as one of several options) to hardware accelerate scaling of the graphics output. I can also turn of openGL in which case I don't experience any problems.
So it seems openGL related also (AFAIK mplay also uses openGL).

With dosbox the problem is very indeterministic so I couldn't track down a function sequence causing the hang. Sometimes it launches fine for many times (especially if you try to debug it ;-) and then I get it twice.

PS: If you still think the problem is a different one i will post this again in a new thread tomorrow when I come back

Many thanks!
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