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Default Re: Crashing when SMP enabled

Originally Posted by JaXXoN
Just to be sure: did you run cyclictest as root user?
Yes I did, it won't start as a non-privileged user.

But what I do notice is for a second or two the output is steady, and reads something like this:
T: 0 ( 1559) P: 0 I:    1000 C:    5812 Min:     839 Act:    1264 Avg:    1545 Max:    1871
I recompiled this kernel without debugging support, the HRT timer is still enabled, and now the numbers from cyclictest seem to increase at a slower rate after 500000. After several minutes I see:
T: 0 ( 1559) P: 0 I:    1000 C:  258356 Min:     839 Act: 1242887 Avg:  622159 Max: 1242994
...and after several more minutes...
T: 0 ( 1559) P: 0 I:    1000 C:  622329 Min:     839 Act: 2938731 Avg: 1461496 Max: 2938779
The value for 'Max' now only increases in random bursts.

Perhaps this is really an accurate figure? If it is measured in nanoseconds this really could be the latency I'm encountering. It's quite a disappointment if that's true. 'jackd' only rarely suffers xruns now, but I imagine there's still something very wrong. I've done away with 'reiserfs' and moved everything to 'ext3' but that hasn't helped.
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