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Default Re: X11R7.1 about to enter FC5-updates. Driver support?

Originally Posted by netllama
I'm afraid that I can't comment on the NVIDIA driver schedule, however I can say that it doesn't directly align with any specific distribution's release plans.
While I understand this approach, in this case I think NVIDIA needs to get is bum into gear and get out a driver that works with xorg-7.1

As I understand it, the changes that have been introduced into xorg-7.1 where proposed by NVIDIA. As such, I think NVIDIA has (had) a duty of care to it's users to make sure that it's driver was ready when xorg-7.1 was released.

This isn't a case of the xorg developers just breaking compatibilitiy with NVIDIA's proprietary drivers, it's a direct result of NVIDIA's input into the development of xorg, and as such NVIDIA (having requested the inclusion of certain changes to xorg) should be ready to support them at the time of release.

In my opinion, NVIDIA has dropped the ball. Sadly, while Microsoft's VISTA is still in beta, NVIDIA has already released beta drivers for testing. Yet, in the case of xorg-7.1, where NVIDIA was directly involved in changes they knew would break their driver's support for X, xorg-7.1 has been out for some time now and NVIDIA drivers still do not work.

This isn't about any ditributions release schedule, it's far simpler than that. It's about backing NVIDIA's own input into a product, in this case xorg.

Not good enough NVIDIA!
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