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Default CRT detection and/or DFP ignore doesn't work longer in newer driver versions

Hi. I'm not sure about in which driver version this changed, but I'm using this configuration:

NVIDIA 6600 board with two DVI connectors.

On the first connector (DFP-0) I got my primary pc lcd monitor.

On the second connector, I got an Y-split, which have one CRT and one DFP connector. On the DFP-connector I have a secondary lcd monitor, and on the CRT connector I got my projector.

In earlier drivers I could use ConnectedMonitor "DFP-0" for Card0, and ConnectedMonitor "CRT-1" for Card1 to use my primary lcd monitor and my projector at the same time. Since a change in the drivers, I'm not longer able to do this, because the driver refuses to detect or use any CRT devices when the DFP is connected. The Xorg.log only lists the DFPs as the conneted displays.

However, it works OK if I downgrade the NVIDIA driver version, or if I unplug the secondary DFP monitor.

Any help/information would be great. If you really need to see any logs, I can provide this if necessary.

Since it works 100% ok with older driver versions, I guess it's something that have changed in the drivers that may should be changed back.
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